Recommended EMP Survival Products

Bug-out bag with most of the requirements for a 72-hour bag, in a carry-able pack. It is large enough to add items for a customized bag, A MUST!
This is a good basic. Bright light and hand cranking are the keys here, plus no batteries or bulbs to replace.
Amazing little gadget—reliable, effective, reusable and lightweight. I keep one with me at all times. It’s a great gift item at a great price. When you don’t have fresh water, you’ll be glad you ordered a LifeStraw.
Perfect little bag for car or backpack, good variety, designed for 1-5 people for multiple day use. Includes “The Comp. Guide to Wilderness & Travel Medicine”.
This kit is a handy addition to the basic first aid kit.
Again—well thought out supplies, with room to customize. This is a deluxe kit with more than just the basic supplies. It is a portable item for your more long-term serious needs.
This pack provides a 30-day variety of add-water-only meals. The meals are rated highly by purchasers!
To be placed in your bug-out bag—major calories in minimum space with a long shelf life.
Terrific variety of Non-GMO seeds including medicinal, micro-greens, fruits, veggies, and herbs. Another perfect gift item, for yourself and others!
With the electric grid destroyed or disabled following an EMP attack, batteries will be one of the only available sources of power. This solar-powered battery charger will allow you to continue using your battery-powered devices (flashlights, radio, tools, etc.) long after the attack.
A less portable kit—provides 60 watts of power. Not a lot of power, but should power more lights and tools. If additional power is desired, two or more kits can be used together.
Where There Is No Doctor is a practical guide to health care. It gives traditional healing solutions for many simple situations, and helps to determine when problems are more serious. Also includes definitions and an emergency drug list.
Not always easy to find locally, and very useful when constructing a Faraday cage.
The following 7 items are intended to be used together to provide protection from contagions. We suggest you combine one (or more) of each item into a sealed bag and place in your bug-out bag. It is ideal to have several of each item in your long term storage.
Suit is intended to be disposable.
Chosen for affordable protection; again disposable and versatile.
Disposable; an Amazon best seller!
Covers the entire head when used with the shield below.
Double protection when used with a pair of goggles (see below). Disposable.
A necessary protection when you are not wearing your rubber boots. Rubber boots are the preferred choice.
Can be disposed or reused; inexpensive enough to purchase several pair.
Sturdy enough to be disinfected and reused.
The following botanical guidebooks are invaluable in a survival situation, when plant identification would be crucial for both medicinal and edible purposes. Be sure to select the correct volume for your geographic area.
This version is for Eastern and Central North America.
This version is for Western North America.
This version is for Eastern and Central North America.


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