Information on EMP Attack

An electromagnetic pulse is a byproduct of an above-the-atmosphere nuclear explosion or a solar flare. It is, in its first phase, an electrically and magnetically charged pulse which will very rapidly—too rapidly to stop by ordinary means—travel through our electric grid and permanently destroy electronic components. This means it will destroy our ability to produce power by destroying the electronic equipment we currently use. We will not have the ability to replace burned out parts. That may take years. This will also effect municipal water production, trash removal, banking transactions, gasoline pumping, and transportation. Hospitals will not have power. Emergency services will not have power either. It begins to sound very grim very fast.

EMP is not a new weapon and does not need refinement to cause devastating effects. It is an option currently considered by many governments and terrorist groups. It is extremely effective, cheaper, and more publicly acceptable (no bloodshed), than other weapons. This type of attack is a possibility for any country or individuals with a nuclear weapon or access to one. Considering the recent tests from Iran and North Korea, nuclear bombs missing from Russia, and the tension between so many countries, one must consider the probability. This day becomes, frankly, more appealing to terrorists and rogue nations and more likely, the more dependent on technology we become.

One day you may suddenly be plunged into the chaos created by an electromagnetic pulse. Will you be ready? Would you know what to do if suddenly everything around you grew dark and quiet, and remained that way? Would you recognize the possible severity of the situation? Would you know how to react? What would you do first? How would you feed and protect your family if the power didn't come back on? This type of energy pulse will destroy our power grid and shortly, and finally, our way of life. Would you be able to return home to your family, could they get home? When would public panic begin to set in? What if you became ill? Are you prepared for this almost unimaginable event?

This is one of the most inherently devastating threats in our country's history, and most of us are too poorly informed to even save our own lives! Our government has chosen not to be fully open with details of such an occurrence, although they have held hearings and commissioned reports on the subject in both 2004 and 2008, it is a situation not easily fixable, hence, why open that door? The aftermath of a pulse is a governmental catastrophe, perhaps too serious to be recovered from. Most available information is from our government, though clearly, there is much information deemed not appropriate for public dissemination. We must be proactive in both the government and private arenas to lessen an otherwise fatal blow. Now is the time to act… After reading this, our hope is that this preparation will include you.

It is our mission to inform and aid our neighbors in survival from electromagnetic pulse. How can you prepare for this all too possible situation? Our mission is to spread the word and provide accurate information about EMP, in so much as it is available and understood.

You can be one of the survivors. The more thought and preparation devoted to this today, the greater survival chance tomorrow.

Millions will die, literally millions. Tragically those who have not prepared most likely will not survive…

In a society such as the United States of 2005, when water must be brought in immediately, to hurricane ravaged areas, because the citizenry has not prepared for even one day, by storing water, can our citizens be expected to be proactive, or will we wait until it is too late? Hurricanes are almost always forecast, with an EMP there will be no warning. It will be crucial to know the signs and react instinctively.

We, as individuals have little control over the possibility or probability, but only we as individuals and families can take steps to insure our own survival. We must prepare for disaster, whether this or a natural disaster, we will be as prepared as possible for whatever is to come, thereby providing for our families what may literally sustain their lives. Bare minimum, consider this suggested preparation to be of invaluable worth in time of any emergency.

EMP is a potentially devastating threat to every life in this great land. This is a scenario well-respected scientists have been predicting for some time and one that becomes more likely with increased global tension and our own technological dependence. If survivability were possible through simple disaster preparedness and basic understanding of the situation, how could you not justify taking those actions on behalf of your family and your country? You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to at least consider the threat.

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